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Father’s Day 2020

I’m lucky to have three father figures for my children to look up to. With their tender influence, I have no doubt that my children will grow up to be kind, wise souls. 

Grandpa G

A gentle man with such a big heart. I’m in awe of his modest intelligence. He can take apart a tractor and put it together without a single glance at a manual. A trusting teacher who taught me to love the land we till. He’s loyal and loves without boundaries. He always has a warm hug ready. He craves snuggles from his grandkids, and throws them into the air with his huge farm hands to an explosion of giggles. 

Grandpa B

I’d heard rumours about how wonderful Mr B was. Then I met him and I understood all the hubbub. Thoughtful and understanding, with quick wit and charm. I once went grocery shopping with him and it took us an hour to get milk because everyone had to stop him to say hi. And of course, the kids adore their Grandpa B. It’s none stop laughter when he’s around! 


My favourite person. The epitome of who a father should be. I have no doubt you’ll be the favourite parent, and I’m okay with that — you should be the favourite! You’re amazing. I love you. Happy Father’s Day.

Brittany Bellamy

Brittany's purpose in life is to tell people’s stories. A lover of moments, memories and thoughts, she captures them through her gift of visual storytelling. Those fleeting moments, the ones that go by in a heartbeat, those are the moments Brittany captures. Mom to Finn and Remy, wife to Sean, daughter to Tom and Carol, sister to Jill, Diana and Neil.

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