We Are

Creative and imaginative, emotional and intuitive. We’re storytellers.

What We're About

We’re for the crazy creative and the busy Saskatooner, the open mind and the loud voice.


In search of becoming the best version of ourselves. Changing, shaping, growing, becoming.


There is nothing more important than creativity. BeezNeez is all about thinking outside the box thoughts, getting lost in too-big-for-our-britches thoughts, dreaming bigger than our current state of affairs thoughts. Any way you slice it, we fancy ourselves big thinkers, whale-sized dreamers. Then we try to mix all that dreaming with a whole lot of doing.


'Round Town

We love Saskatoon and we get all up in it. While we’re doing it, we’ll share our adventures with you. From far down those unending gravel roads to the 25th and 2nd, we want it all . Devouring Saskatoon one bite at a time.


All there really is in life is to do, to go and to be. This is us doing it, often with our babies. The alway elegant and glamorous adventure that is motherhood.