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The 37 Best Saskatoon Patios

Note this blog has been updated July 2022.

Saskatchewanians are a people of extremes—the hottest summers and the coldest winters; months of drought and epic, light-up-the-night thunderstorms; bust to atomic boom; the kindest neighbourly smiles and roll up your sleeves, grind it out ‘til it’s done grit. Maybe it’s because we only get a few short glimpses into summer, a few months to soak up the sun, that Saskatoon folk take full advantage of the weather. Summer is extra special when you just get to taste it. And there might be no better way to enjoy summer than to sit on a patio with a cold drink in your hand and the sun blazing down on you. The best Saskatoon patios are busy from May to September, piquing in those perfect summer months of July and August. 

These are the best patios in Saskatoon. Actually, these are all of the centrally located patios in Saskatoon! This list is in no particular order, so don’t panic folks.

The 31 Best Patios in Saskatoon

  1. Drift Vista Lounge | Corner of Avenue A & 19th Street
  2. Una | 707 Broadway Avenue
  3. Yard & Flagon | 718 Broadway Avenue
  4. Metric Garden Lounge at the Bessborough | 601 Spadina Crescent E
  5. Scarlet | 612 Spadina Crescent E
  6. City Perks | 801 7th Ave N
  7. Ace Burger YXE | 1002 Broadway Ave
  8. Earls Saskatoon | 610 2nd Avenue N
  9. Cactus Club | 140 Idylwyld Dr S
  10. Cohen’s | 101 20th St W
  11. Las Palapas Resort & Grill | 910 Victoria Avenue
  12. Homestead Ice Cream | 822 Victoria Ave
  13. O’Shea’s Irish Pub | 222 2nd Avenue S
  14. d’Lish by Tish Cafe | 702A 14th St E
  15. Rook & Raven | 154 2 Ave S
  16. Leyda’s | 112 20th St W
  17. Cathedral Social Hall | 608 Spadina Crescent E
  18. The Underground Cafe | 430 20th St W
  19. Il Secondo | 802c Broadway Ave
  20. Odla | 801 C Broadway Ave
  21. Shift | 102 Spadina Crescent E
  22. Hudson’s Saskatoon | 401 21st Street E
  23. Hearth | 2404 Melrose Avenue
  24. Calories | 721 Broadway Ave
  25. The Hose & Hydrant | 612 11th Street E
  26. Winston’s | 243 21st Street E
  27. Citizen Cafe & Bakery| 18 23 St E
  28. The Crazy Cactus | 269 3rd Avenue S
  29. The Berry Barn | 830 Valley RD 
  30. Dino’s Grill | 906 Central Avenue 
  31. Black Fox Farm and Distillery | 245 Valley Road
  32. Shelter | 255 2 Ave S
  33. Congress Beer House | 215 2 Ave S
  34. 9 Mile Legacy | 229 20th Street West
  35. Primal | 423 20th Street West
  36. Crossmount Cider Company | 30 Glen Road
  37. Stumbletown | 20-1905 Quebec Ave

We’ll get into more detail below, and separate the patios by area: Riversdale, Downtown, Nutana and further out. 

Best Patios in Riversdale

Drift Vista Lounge | Corner of Avenue A & 19th Street

My favourite patio in Saskatoon, Drift Vista Lounge is located in Riversdale. With both a rooftop patio and an open second floor, you can sip some of the best cocktails in the city. The bohemian decor makes you feel like you’ve left Saskatoon, a lovely escape only a block away from the river. This west coast style lounge provides an ambiance that gives you the feeling of Cali living. A rotating menu of local and seasonal favourites, Vista Lounge is frequented by creatives, professionals and recreational enthusiasts.

Drift patio saskatoon

Leyda’s | 112 20th St W

Leyda’s is a whole food, gluten and nut free, experiential cafe. But don’t worry, you don’t have to be a celiac vegan to enjoy it here. The food is great — try the oysters!

The Underground Cafe | 430 20th St W

Sipping your coffee in the Underground’s courtyard feels like you’re in another place altogether. Dallyn, owner and founder of The Underground Cafe, spent three years abroad in Australia and New Zealand, where he was greatly influenced by the strong independent coffee scene. He even operated a roadside coffee cart in New Zealand, and he brought that flare to The Underground Cafe in Saskatoon. Try one of their pressed sandwiches or the goodness bar. 👌

underground patio saskatoon

Cohen’s | 101 20th St W

Opened by Taste Restaurant Group, Cohen’s is a gathering space for family and friends to enjoy quality comfort food and drink — pub meets bar meets restaurant meets lounge. They serve classics you love and crave made with good ingredients served alongside amazing drinks. Bonus: you can bring your dog to the patio!

cohen's patio saskatoon

9 Mile Legacy | 229 20th Street West

This is one of Saskatoon’s first microbreweries, and is well-loved by locals. It’s got an amazing founding story, and is tucked into a cute spot on 20th. Though they don’t have a kitchen, you can order in from a nearby local restaurant — may I recommend Odd Couple — and drink your beer alongside some ginger chicken.

Primal | 423 20th Street West

Primal is Chef Christie Peters and Kyle Michael’s wonderful creation. They create time honoured Italian food and handmade pasta using Saskatchewan heritage grains and whole animal butchery. Peters’ is known for her unique style as much as her chef skills. Dark and intimate, some fresh pasta and fried bread pairs well with any wine on the list when you’re people-watching on 20th.

Best Patios in Nutana

Odla| 801 C Broadway Ave

Odla was the brainchild of husband and wife Arlie and Brett LaRoche and their holistically managed farm, Farm One Forty is the foundation of this collaboration. Arlie, who is in charge of the day to day operations of the farm, comes from a long line of Swedish farmers. Her farming practices pay homage to a way of living and farming that was simple and worked within the confines of nature. Their patio is new this summer, and replaces Nino’s, an old Broadway fave.

the hollows saskatoon

Una | 707 Broadway Avenue

If you’re going to have a beer in one hand, it’s best to have a slice of pizza in the other. But why drink beer when you can drink wine? Una is known for their exquisite wine menu and delectable thin-crusted pizzas. Located in the heart of Broadway, this urbane patio has a big city vibe. Perfect for a date, Una is always bustling and welcoming. I recommend a glass of sparkling wine, the kale caesar and the 4-Maggi. Or the Broadway. God it’s too hard, all the pizza is on point!

Yard & Flagon | 718 Broadway Avenue

This perfect pub has a good menu of Canadian classics, and always has a hot soup on the go. The original Saskatoon rooftop patio, the top of the Yard is packed all summer long. Go early if you want to get a seat, especially if you’re going with a group of four or more.

Las Palapas Resort & Grill | 910 Victoria Avenue

There is no better place to have margs and tacos outside in Saskatoon than Las Palapas. The kitschy vibe is perfect for an afternoon of shameful tiki-themed libations. 

las palapos patio

Il Secondo | 802c Broadway Ave

A small sidewalk patio just off Broadway, Christie’s Il Secondo serves up the Italian classics better than anyone in the city. Their pizzas are true italian style (and to-die-for, TDF) and the panini sandwiches are, I have to say it, the best sams in the city. And when you have a morning bun with a latte, you won’t be able to stay away.

Ace Burger YXE | 1002 Broadway Ave

This place dishes up one of the best burgers in the city. It started as a food truck, and now has a permanent spot on the corner of Broadway and 9th. It’s a super simple menu — burgers, fries, chicken, shakes, beer, wine — that’s f

Calories | 721 Broadway Ave

This awesome little cafe is great for soup and sandwich, and of course dessert! Right on Broadway, this fun sidewalk patio has a busy urban vibe. 

d’Lish by Tish Cafe | 702A 14th St E

Come for the patio, stay for the soup! D’lish has amazing soups, good sandwiches and a great dessert selection. Oh yeah, and they serve coffee, too. 

The Hose & Hydrant | 612 11th Street E

Though it’s known as a late night watering hole, the rooftop patio is an excellent afternoon hangout.

the hose patio

Homestead Ice Cream | 822 Victoria Ave

Not every patio is about boozing. Homestead is a dairy lover’s dream. Situated on the horizon of the Victoria bridge since 1978, Homestead is an icon in Saskatoon. They make all their products on site, and have TONS of wild flavours to choose from. Ice cream, yogurt, novelties and sundaes are made with care. They have an outlandishly big sundae you can order — The Dog’s Breakfast — that has a ridiculous amount of scoops. 

honestead patio

Best Patios Downtown

Metric Garden Lounge at the Bessborough | 601 Spadina Crescent E

Though it may be the most photographed building in all of Saskatoon, people turn their cameras to the iconic Bessborough hotel for a reason — it’s stunning. Sitting in the shadow of a castle, sip your drink at the Metric Lounge while overlooking the gardens and the bloodline of the city, the river. 

metric patio

Shelter Brewing Company | 255 2 Ave S

This local brewery is known for their hops and their vibes. I’m not a beer drinker, but I love the vibes at Shelter. And what I love even more than the vibes is the tacos. Previously a local fave food truck Dylan and Cam’s tacos operates out of this brewhouse.

Congress Beer House | 215 2 Ave S

Chef Cole Dobranski sources seasonal local ingredients whenever possible to craft an evolving menu of high-end cuisine that goes beyond typical pub fare. Congress Beer House offers 32 taps and 50+ bottles, ranging from rotating local craft beer to international brews, making Congress an ideal spot for after-work drinks or a night out with friends. And they are home to an award-winning burger as voted by locals, along with an array of elevated comfort food.

O’Shea’s Irish Pub | 222 2nd Avenue S

If you’re popping by O’Shea’s for an after work drink, you’ll want to get here early. The rooftop patio is always packed, as it’s one of downtown’s best. Don’t have too many, or you’ll be leaving through the leprechaun door. Fun fact: there has never been a good photo taken on the rooftop patio.

Scarlet | 612 Spadina Crescent E

Known for their tasty brunch, Scarlet’s patio is good for any time of day. Attached to the Sheraton, their location is tough to beat. Across the street from the river and in the heart of downtown, anyone would love to enjoy brunch / lunch / dinner / drinks in this atmosphere.

scarlet patio

Cactus Club | 140 Idylwyld Dr S

Though the location isn’t ideal — between a parking lot and a highway — the Cactus Club’s patio is actually a great environment. Always bustling with working professionals, you won’t feel like you’re in a parking lot. And the patio has heaters, extending the season long into the fall. 

City Perks | 801 7th Ave N

Tucked away into the neighbourhood of City Park, this coffee shop is always bustling with locals. Creatives on laptops, families with strollers and papas with javas — this place has my vote for best coffee in the city. It’s also one of the most serene spots to sip some wine on a weekday.

city perks patio

Earls Saskatoon | 610 2nd Avenue N

On the outskirts of downtown and the cusp of city park, Earls has a neighbourhood feel. Though the location seems hectic, the patio is a foliage-filled oasis. They have a great happy hour with good deals on food and drinks. This is one of my favourite Saskatoon patios that bridges the neighbourhood vibe with a downtown location.

earls patio

Cathedral Social Hall | 608 Spadina Crescent E

The food here is okay, but the location is second to none. Cathedral is parked on Spadina, right across the street from the Bessborough and the river. The large patio means you have a high likelihood of getting seated outside. Patio featured below in a shot from their Instagram.

cathedral social hall patio

Shift | 102 Spadina Crescent E

This Saskatoon patio might have the single best location in the entire city — on the river attached to the art gallery. It’s a beautiful spot to enjoy dinner on the water. You can’t make a list of Saskatoon patios and leave Shift off the list. They have the only riverside spot in Saskatoon.

shift patio

Rook & Raven | 154 2 Ave S

Though it’s only a small sidewalk patio, the Rook is worth mentioning because it is right on second ave. The food is better than average pub grub, and pairs well with a nice red. 

Husdons Saskatoon | 401 21st Street E

Located right downtown, Hudsons is an easy place to grab a quick lunch. It turns into a dance party later in the evening, but if you want to avoid that scene, you’re safe to grab a burg in the sun.

Winston’s | 243 21st Street E

Most of the bar is a dark and windowless abyss, but there is a secret patio out the back! So if you want a moldy draft and some sub-par food, Winston’s patio is the place. Here you’ll spot locals who have made this their regular spot. 

winstons patio

The Crazy Cactus | 269 3rd Avenue S

The Cactus has to be mentioned because it has a huge rooftop patio and is right downtown, buuuuuut I don’t recommend the food. In the move from its cozy exhibition neighbourhood to downtown, The Cactus lost some of its charm. But, the gringos are still good and the patio still hot. 

crazy cactus patio

Citizen Cafe & Bakery | 18 23 St E

Citizen is a delicious bakery on the outskirts of downtown. They proudly pour Bean North, Yukon roasted coffee beans and tea, from Ontario’s Social Tea company. All of their baking and savoury lunch items are prepped in-house using thoughtfully sourced ingredients, supporting local when possible. They lovingly supply allergen friendly fare, such as gluten free baking and lunch along with vegetarian and vegan options. They are famous for their baking, including home made pop tarts.

citizen patio

The Not-So-Central Patios

Hearth | 2404 Melrose Avenue

Unpretentious, thoughtful, ingredient forward prairie cooking in the Avalon neighbourhood. Hearth is delicious food with prairie ingredients. They built a patio a few years ago, and it’s a beautiful place to pass an evening. Whatever you drink, pair it with the mushrooms. Saskatoon patios tucked away in neighbourhoods are a different experience than sitting right downtown.

The Berry Barn | 830 Valley RD

Everyone knows the Berry Barn. Stop in for a snack, a home-cooked meal, or tea and dessert. I’d advise getting the waffle so you can dress it with fresh Saskatoon berry compote. The food is fine, but drive the few minutes out of town for the scenery and the atmosphere.

berry barn patio

Dino’s Grill | 906 Central Avenue 

Tons of university students file through Dino’s without ever realizing there’s a patio. Dino’s is your classic bar, with trivia, fundraisers, games, etc. If you find yourself out in Sutherland, you don’t have to go without a patio. 

Black Fox Farm and Distillery | 245 Valley Road

The folks at Black Fox Farm and Distillery are third generation farmers. You can feel the bloodlines in your feet walking across the fields, the history imprinted on the leaves. Sharing their passion for agriculture with visitors, Black Fox Distillery feels like a family home, complete with a stiff G+T on the patio table. A few minutes out of town, we took our babes on an adventure here last summer. 

Crossmount Cider Company | 30 Glen Road

Crossmount is a beautiful venue just a few minutes outside of the city. Sip your cider in a field with orchards surrounding you. Authentic, real hard apple cider made with 100% Canadian apples, not from concentrate. No artificial flavours or sweeteners. Just apples and natural ingredients.

Stumbletown | 20-1905 Quebec Ave

A cute local distillery with a patio! They pride themselves on using unique local ingredients to push the envelope while staying true to the traditions of artisan spirits. Stumbletown embraces our location in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and take full advantage of the abundance of fresh, premium ingredients found right here at home.

Visiting The Best Saskatoon Patios

Extend patio season as long as you can, and remember — never judge a restaurant by their website. Let us know in the comments if we’re missing some of the best Saskatoon patios.


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