Brittney Casavant

Genuine, kind, perceptive. Brittney is the perfect mix of left and right brain, creative and logical, scientist and artist. She is actually a scientist, and wrote her masters thesis on aquatic invertebrates. While she studied creatures without a spine, Brittney's backbone is the core of her personality. She's strong-willed and incredibly kind, and is an innovative force in her role as Sustainability Advisor at Federated Co-operatives. Aside from all of that, you'd be blown away to hear about all of the creative activities she does her kids and wonderful meals she whips up. Her husband Brett is a number crunching, bean counting type, and is partner at MNP LLP. Their daughter Presley is the perfect blend of hilarious and sweet, and Baker-man has a smile that melts hearts and makes Britt anxious for his teenage years.